This is a chronological list of recent talks given at the weekly seminar of the Mathematics Department at Catholic University. Click for a PDF of the announcement, which includes the abstract of the talk.

2023-24 Academic Year
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
11/29/23 Vĕra Kůrková Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences Approximation of classifiers by deep ReLU networks
11/15/23 Kiran Bhutani Catholic University On some domination parameters of a graph
11/8/23 Michael Somos Catholic University Survey the Elliptic Realm
11/1/23 Peter Gartland UC-Santa Barbara Quasi-Polynomial Time Techniques for Independent Set and Beyond in Hereditary Graph Classes
10/25/23 Joshua Sparks

George Washington University

Multicolor Affine Urn Models with Multiple Drawings
10/18/23 Donald Larson Catholic University Some elementary topics in stable homotopy theory
10/11/23 Paul Kainen Georgetown University On quasiorthogonality: ubiquity and utility
10/4/23 Alexander Levin Catholic University Generalized Gröbner Bases and Hilbert-type bivariate dimension polynomials of modules over polynomial rings
9/27/23 Neil Hindman Howard University Must piecewise syndetic sets have positive density?
2022-23 Academic Year
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
4/26/23 John E. Gray

Naval Surface Warfare Center 

Sensor Physics, What Is It and What Are Its Consequences?
4/19/23 Paul Kainen Georgetown University Bipartite suspension and variants of book thickness
4/12/23 Donald Larson Catholic University More on unstable modules over the Steenrod algebra
4/5/23 Justin Barhite University of Kentucky Proof by Picture: Using String Diagrams to Understand Traces
3/22/23 Kiran Bhutani Catholic University On Different Models of Random Hooking Networks
3/15/23 Susmita Seal Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute, West Bengal, India Small combination of slices and dentability in ideals of Banach spaces
3/1/23 Michael Somos Catholic University Somos sequence solutions of Diophantine equations
2/22/23 Paul Kainen Georgetown University How to build a graph
2/15/23 Sudeshna Basu Loyola University Maryland Small Diameter Properties in Banach spaces
2/8/23 Brent W. Baccala Alternate techniques for solving systems of polynomial equations
2/1/23 Curtis Holliman Catholic University Instability and Nonunique Solutions for Water Wave Equations
1/25/23 Alexander Levin Catholic University Gröbner bases and their applications in the theory of algebraic equations, geometry
and graph theory
12/7/22 Donald Larson Catholic University Unstable modules over the Steenrod algebra
11/30/22 Vĕra Kůrková Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences Some implications of high-dimensional geometry for classification by neural
11/16/23 Peter Ulrickson Catholic University Ptolemy and Hipparchus on the moon's distance
11/9/22 Hosam Mahmoud The George Washington University Egorychev's Method: A hidden treasure
11/2/22 John E. Gray Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Andrew Vogt, the Mathematical Physicist, Our Collaboration
10/26/22 Michael Somos Catholic University Algebra, Geometry and Diophantine Equations
10/19/22 Curtis Holliman Catholic University Blowup Conditions for extensions of Novikov's equation
10/12/22 Paul Kainen Georgetown University Enriching graph invariants to drawings
10/5/22 Brent W. Baccala Continuing the algebraic study of differential equations
9/28/22 Neil Hindman Howard University Pairwise sums and products in ℝ+
9/21/22 Alexander Levin Catholic University An algebraic approach to the study of ordinary differential equations and integration in
terms of elementary functions
2021-22 Academic Year
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
4/27/22 Donald Larson Catholic University Enumerating partitions arising in homotopy theory

More talks will be added soon.