Summer 2023 Registration Open!

This Summer Online Precalculus course is a faculty supported self-paced course. Course registration opens on April 4, 2023. The course begins on May 22, 2023, and ends on August 18, 2023.

Course Registration for 2023 linked here.

Scholarship Application form for 2023 is available here.

Click here for more information on the NSF Research.

Online Precalculus Review Course

Would you like to start in calculus class even though you didn't place into it?

Would you like to refresh your math skills to help you succeed in calculus?

Would you like to get on track for your major?

Would you like to take this course for free?

NSF Scholarship and Research Applications

Scholarship applications for Summer 2023 is now available. By filling out the NSF Scholarship Application Form here, you'll hold a scholarship until you register for the class. If you receive the scholarship, the course will be free. If not, the cost of the course is $225

Click on the following links or see the menu items on this website for more information about the course, the scholarship and the NSF Research!

Take this Catholic University online summer class! You can work through it at your own pace with an instructor and/or teaching assistants ready to answer your questions. The entire class is online, with videos, homework, and exams through Blackboard and the WebAssign homework platform. Even if you didn't place into calculus, you can take this course and refresh your algebra and precalculus skills. Once you pass it, you can take your calculus class and stay on track for your major. 

It's a self-paced online class offered between May 22, 2023, and August 18, 2023. You can do the course at your own pace, with instructors to help whenever you need it. This zero-credit course costs $225, which is a low cost given that if you complete the course, you do not need to take precalculus. For scholarship and registration (and lots more) information, check Additional Navigation or the links below.

2023: Full Course Scholarship

Catholic University has received a research grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to look at help-seeking behavior in online classes. As part of this research, the NSF is providing 70numbers.jpg scholarships which will cover the cost of this course. The scholarship is not need-based, and there are no eligibility requirements. Students will be invited to complete voluntary surveys to assist in the NSF research, which will help them understand their own learning behaviors. They will also then be eligible to receive gift cards for further participation in surveys and focus groups. Please check the Scholarship link in the navigation menu for more information.

Who should sign up for these courses?

1. Students who placed into Calculus I but would be more confident with a timely review of precalculus topics before the semester begins. See here for more details.

2. Students who need Calculus 1 (Math 111 or 121) for their major, but didn't place into it with Catholic University's placement test. See here for more details.

3. Students who need to take Applied Mathematics for Business (Math 110) and didn't place out of it. See here for more details.

4. Students who need Calculus 1 (Math 111 or 121) and would rather take this self-paced summer course than take the placement test. See here for more details. 

5. Students who will benefit from math review for other reasons - ie. language, math anxiety. See here for more details.

  • COST: $225 (For Summer 2023 - full scholarship available with no eligibility requirements, please fill out the application form.) 
  • CREDITS: 0 college credits
  • BOOKS: None - Cost includes WebAssign homework platform and eBook

How does the online course work?

REGISTERING: Check out the "How to Register" link here or in the "Additional Navigation" menu.

MODULES: This course has seven modules, all on the Blackboard learning management system.  Each module begins with an introductory video explaining the contents of the module, and follows with videos and homework sets for each topic. The program automatically grades each assignment and gives students instant feedback on their performance. Modules begin with a pre-test, so if students are already familiar with the material in the module, they can quickly move to the next module. Each module concludes with a test covering the material in the module. Once you pass all seven module tests, you've passed the course!
HOW TO GET HELP: There are different ways to get help in this course. There are faculty instructors and student Teaching Assistants (TAs) who will introduce themselves and will be available for help through email, texts and Zoom. 

DATES/LENGTH OF COURSE: The course runs during the summer. (May 23 - August 19) The course is self-paced, and you can start the course anytime, and work on it over several weeks, or complete it in one. If you have a job, you can fit it in around your schedule, or if you want to finish quickly, you can work around the clock - it's up to you!