Which class should I take?

This is an important question! If you need Math 110 (Applied Mathematics for Business) or Math 111 (Calculus for the Social and Life Sciences I), take Math 11. If you need Math 121 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus I), take Math 21. Ask your advisor which calculus class you need. The online review courses, Math 11 and 21, are not interchangeable, so you need to be sure.

How do I register?

Click here for How to Register or see the "How to Register" link to the right or in the "Additional Navigation" menu

What about the full course scholarship?

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is providing 70 full scholarships for this course as part of a grant with Catholic University. With this scholarship, the course will be free to the 1st 70 students who apply. Students will be invited to participate in short surveys during the course which will help them better understand how they learn math. Students who participate in the voluntary surveys will also be eligible for focus groups and follow-up surveys after the Online Precalculus Review Course which has gift card incentives. To participate in this NSF research study, please complete the consent forms here.

Am I eligible for the scholarship?

YES! Everyone is eligible. This scholarship is not need or merit-based. Students must be admitted to CUA and need calculus for their program. The first 70 students who apply will receive the scholarship. See details in the scholarship link to the right or in the "Additional Navigation" menu. 

How can I volunteer for the NSF study and surveys?

CUA has received a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) through which we can provide scholarships for students and invite them to participate in short voluntary surveys which take place during the Online Precalculus Review Course. This will enable students to learn more about their own learning behaviors and contribute to the improvement of mathematics education. All information collected will be confidential. Students who participate in the surveys will be eligible for focus groups and further surveys, which have gift card incentives. To volunteer, please complete the consent forms here.

How does payment work in Summer 2024?

For Summer 2024, the Catholic University of America has a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant which provides 70 scholarships covering the full $225 cost for this course. The course tuition ($225) will be charged to your student account for the summer semester.  If you have the scholarship, you do not need to pay immediately and your account will be reimbursed for the full $225. This is separate from your fall semester tuition. You can see your account summary on Cardinal Station.

How can I receive gift card incentives?

Catholic University has received a grant from the National Science Foundation to improve help sources and student help-seeking behavior in college math classes. Help-seeking behavior is an important aspect of being a successful college student. Students who participate in the voluntary short surveys during the Online Precalculus Review Course will be eligible to also participate, following the course, in voluntary focus groups and follow-up surveys which have gift card incentives. To participate in this NSF research study, please complete the consent forms here.

What about books or online access?

Your course tuition includes access to WebAssign, the homework platform you will use in the course, and this includes an eBook of the textbook.

How do I get started in the course?

Click here to go to the How to Start page, or see the "How to Start" tab at the top of this website: You will go to CUA's Blackboard site: blackboard.cua.edu Log in with your CUA id and password (the same one you use for Cardinal Station). You will see the course listed under "My Courses" on the right, or click the Courses tab at the top. Click on the course, and then on the START HERE module on the menu on the left.

How can I get help?

There are several ways to get help -- right now you can get help by clicking "Contact Us" on this page and you'll see our contact information.

Once you start the course there are a few different ways to get questions answered. While on the Blackboard course, you can click on "Help from the Instructor" on the menu on the left, which gives a few options.

I've already placed into Calculus but just feel like I need some review. If I don't do well in this course, can I still take Calculus?

Yes! If you have placed into calculus (Math 111 or Math 121) already, taking this course can only help you. If for reason you don't do well or don't finish the course, your placement into calculus still holds.

I took the placement test and didn't place into Calculus --what do I need to do to place into Calculus?

If you take this online prep course and pass it, you can take the appropriate calculus course. Passing Math 11 places you into Math 111 and passing Math 21 places you into Math 121. To pass the course, you need to pass all 5 modules by either passing the pre-test for each module or the module tests. You will have multiple tries to pass the tests (the pre-test only has one try). The goal is for you to learn the material so that you can succeed in calculus!

If I don't pass the online review course, does this count against me in any way regarding my transcript?

No! The course doesn't even appear on your transcript. If, for whatever reason, you don't pass this course, you will sign up for the course designated by the placement test: Math 108, Math 110, Math 111 or Math 121 (see your advisor for which course is appropriate for you).

How does the grading work?

The possible grades are "Pass" and "No Grade." The course does not appear in your transcript. In order to pass the course, you need to pass all 5 module tests. You can take the module tests multiple times.

What happens if I don't pass one or more of the 5 module tests?

You can take each test multiple times. We suggest that you re-watch the videos explaining the areas where you're having trouble and re-work the accompanying homework assignments. You can also ask for help from the instructor. You do need to pass all 5 tests to change your math placement from Math 108/109 or Math 110 to calculus. If, for some reason, you don't pass this online review course, you will need to register for the class you placed into. However, the review you have done in this course will help you tremendously in whatever math course you take.

Can I take each module test multiple times?

Yes! If you don't pass a test the first time, we suggest that before taking the test again, you re-watch the videos explaining the areas where you're having trouble and re-work the accompanying homework assignments, especially the mixed review assignment. You can also ask for help from the instructor.

What's the best way to succeed in an online math course?

The simple answer is: STAY POSITIVE AND BE FOCUSED! You will need to spend time on this course -- less if it is really just a matter of reminding you of topics you learned, and more if you have never seen these topics before.

1. Schedule time to work on the course. Treat it as a class and create a schedule for yourself to follow.

2. Take notes when watching the videos or looking things up in the eBook.

3. Do all the homework problems on paper. Even though the answers are submitted online, write out the work on paper in an organized fashion in a notebook. That way you can go back to see what you did wrong, and use the problems to study for the exam.

4. Study for each exam! Don't "give it a try" the first time - this is a waste of your time. It will be clear which topics are covered on the exam. Go back and look at your notes and the homework problems.

5. Ask questions! If you are stuck, don't wait 3 days to ask a question. You can immediately post a question on the "Ask the Instructor" discussion board (and look to see if the instructor has already answered someone else's similar question) and then email the instructor.

6. Remember, the idea is that you learn the material. If you do that, you will easily pass the tests and you will be successful in your calculus classes. There is no extraneous material in this course. You will use everything you learn here in calculus.

Do I need a calculator?

You will need to use a calculator for arithmetic, and, depending on which course you take (Math 11 or Math 21), you will need to use trigonometric functions and matrix functions. However, you can use an online calculator for these as well. You don't need to buy a calculator for this course.

Other questions?

Contact using the information in the "Contact us" tab in the page.