The Department of Mathematics offers Master’s of Science in Mathematics degree with two tracks:

  1. Theory track: This track is oriented towards students who are interested in mathematics as an abstract discipline. These students may be considering a Ph.D. in mathematics or in a related discipline. Core coursework for this track includes fundamental topics in advanced abstract mathematics.
  2. Industry track: This track is designed for students who intend to use mathematics in engineering, computer science, medicine, business, industry, social science, or other fields. Core coursework for this track requires at least two courses from a field related to mathematics, such as computer science or engineering, which will help students see how advanced mathematics is used in practical contexts.

Each of these tracks will include a thesis option.

The MS degree requires the completion of 30 credits of coursework. For students electing the thesis option, which accounts for 6 credits, the coursework requirements are reduced to 24 credits. The comprehensive exam for the MS degree consists of a presentation on selected topics followed by questions from faculty. For students who complete a thesis, the thesis defense serves as the comprehensive exam.

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