Edward Jerome Finan joined the staff of the Department of Mathematics at The Catholic University of America in September, 1930, soon after having received his Ph.D from Ohio State University as a student of the algebraist C. C. MacDuffee. Respected by his colleagues and beloved by his students as an outstanding educator, and recognized for his research in number theory, he had risen to the position of Ordinary Professor when, in 1947, he was appointed Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. After resigning from the deanship the following year for reasons of health, he returned to full-time teaching and research, exercising his leadership in the Department of Mathematics until his death on May 9, 1960.

The E. J. Finan Memorial Award in Mathematics was established through contributions from his colleagues and students in order to perpetuate the memory of Dr. Finan at the University to which he had given such devoted service over a period of almost thirty years. A plaque in the Mathematics Department lists the names of the yearly recipients of the award, engraved each year on individual plates.

The memorial prize honors a graduating senior who has been outstanding in the study of mathematics in their baccalaureate program.


Year Winner
2024 Patrick Daigle
2023 Andrew Barth
Riley Smith
2022 Garrett Farrell
Elizabeth Pacious
2021 Ian Nelson
Kerry Silidker
2020 Casandra Abgrab
2019 Theresa Abela
Matthew Menture
2018 Daniel J O'Hagan
2017 Ellen DiMartini
Ethan Robinett
2016 Peter Gartland
2015 Alexander Russell
2014 Nicholas S. Shields
2013 Timothy McEvoy
2012 Stuart Nygard
2007 Amanda Shaw
2006 Joseph Herning
2004 Mark J. DeCelles
1997 Angela M. McKay
1996 Deborah A. Scharzwalder
1995 Maria L. Montello
Daniel P. Wisniewski
1994 Daniel Liam Higgins
1991 Kazuhiro Iwasawa
Raquel E. Maderazo
1990 Susan Elizabeth Lolz
1988 Theresa Marie Gallo
1985 James Hughes
1983 Ann M.Cisek
1982 Martin D. Schoch
1980 Dwight Barkley
1975 James S. Arzigian
1974 Richard M. Bates
1973 Vincent J. Cogliano
1971 Robert F. Merski
1970 Mary P. Bradley
Mary Ann Milly
1969 Peter J. O'Rourke
1968 Ronald V. Giusti
1967 Susan Milly
1966 Neil Sharp C.F.X.
1965 Richard Frechette F.F.C.
1964 Bernardus Garvey C.F.X.