Statistics is a field that is growing ever more relevant in modern society and careers, as the world has now entered the era of "big data". Statistical analysis can be applied in a tremendously wide array of disciplines, including social sciences, applied sciences, business, and the humanities. Students of all majors and backgrounds (except math majors) are encouraged to add the Statistics minor to their program of study.

The minor in Statistics requires six courses in all:

  • Two calculus courses (typically either Math 121 & 122 or Math 111 & 112)
  • Statistics II (Math 314)
  • A two-course Probability & Statistics sequence (Math 431* & 432)
  • One additional elective course in statistics, data analysis, or programming, chosen from among the following:
    • CSC 430; DA 501; ECON 363; MATH 434; MATH 435; SSS 947; LSC 327/527; or another suitable course subject to mathematics department approval
  • In addition, an introductory statistics course (e.g. Math 114, Econ 223, or similar) is required as a prerequisite for Math 314. Students who have not yet met this requirement may need seven courses to complete the minor.

* Math 431 has a prerequisite of Math 221; students purusing the Statistics minor who have taken the two-course calculus sequence but have not met this prerequisite should contact the math department to discuss obtaining permission to enroll in 431.

Many other degree programs' requirements at Catholic University include some of the required courses in the minor. Interested students in those concentrations should consider taking the additional courses needed to complete the minor.