Fall 2022: We have temporarily suspended applications to the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Secondary Education Program.

The Department of Mathematics offers a joint Bachelors of Science degree with the Department of Education. The program consists of a mix of primarily math and education courses, as well as physics and computer science. Successful completion of this program earns certification to teach middle and high school math in the District of Columbia or any one of the 47 states with which DC has a reciprocity agreement.


Freshman and Sophomore years:

Math 121 - Calculus I
Math 122 - Calculus II
Math 221 - Calculus III
Math 248 - Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics
Math 301 - Linear Algebra (fall)
Physics 215 - University Physics I (spring)
Physics 216 - University Physics II (fall)
EDUC 251 - Foundations of Education
EDUC 271 - Psychology of Education
HSSS203 - Social Data Analysis
One computer science course chosen from:
  CSC 120 (recommended), 113, 123, 124, 212, 223

Junior and Senior years:

Math 222 - Differential Equations
Math 403 - Euclidean and Non-Euclidian Geometry 
Math 321 - Abstract Algebra I (fall)
Math 421 - Introductory Analysis I (fall)
Math 424 - Complex Variables (spring)
Math 431 - Probability and Statistics I (fall)
Two additional science course electives
EDUC 382 - Reading in the Content Area
EDUC 386 - Curriculum and Methods in Adolescent Education
EDUC 479 - Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary Schools
EDUC 400, 461-463 - Supervised Internship and Seminar: Secondary Education

Click here for a sample four-year plan for the B.S. in Mathematics Secondary Education.